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Our Story

In 1987, Mark Ward had a spark of an idea. A young man with an entrepreneurial spirit, his vision was to build a successful air freight cartage company based upon integrity, flexibility, responsiveness and resourcefulness. A company his customers could trust and count on for the precision of their transportation and logistics needs. 

After the changes in airport security regulations after Sept. 11, 2001 caused major chaos to the air freight industry, Mark started over and began to reorganize Line Drive Trucking into a regional LTL and Truckload provider to serve a specialized group of companies. Through this business move, Mark retained the core values of integrity, flexibility, responsiveness and resourcefulness.

Since then, Line Drive Trucking has established itself as a leading regional logistics service provider operating in California.

To respond to significant economic growth and needs of shippers in the Southwest, in 2015 Line Drive Texas was established in McAllen, TX, to strengthen the company’s expansive presence and capabilities in the ever-growing Texas market.

To provide additional warehousing capabilities in southern California, in 2018 Line Drive Trucking opened its newest warehousing facility in Anaheim, California. 

Today, Line Drive Trucking provides full-service, asset-based logistics specializing in regional truckload (van and flatbed), LTL, air freight cartage, drayage, and warehousing. 

Pictured below: Line Drive truck in 2006.