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Our Values

Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture, and reflect what a company values. Such values provide a guideline for making decisions and help hold ourselves accountable for those decisions by asking the simple question: “Does this decision reflect our values?”

When I founded Line Drive Trucking, I established these four guiding values that have made our company the success it is today:

We are One Organization, One Family. While we are family-owned company, we also view all our employees as part of our valued family. Loyalty, duty, respect, perseverance are part of the relationships and bonds among us all – and the close-knit nature of our team ultimately ensures a positive experience for our customers, trusted partners, and key stakeholders. 

We Value God, Family, and Country. Faith is one of the most important elements when it comes to overcoming hurdles. It also allows us to dream big, lends purpose to our lives, and gives us creativity. Our team at Line Drive Trucking also feels love, devotion and a sense of commitment to America because of the opportunities we have been given. We are as American as “baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie!”

We Stand for Honesty and Integrity. In a world that sometimes is all about doing what’s only “good for me,” my philosophy is that if we do what’s right for the customer, we’ll ultimately benefit. Staying true to ourselves and our customers – through honesty and integrity as virtues – has helped us to guide decisions and ultimately build a reputation for exceeding expectations.

Dedication to Quality of Service. When it comes to supply chain strategy in an extremely competitive marketplace, delivering quality customer service is paramount. We take this serious in all elements of our business, from initial planning and setting expectations through execution and solving problems. Delivering a quality Customer Experience is our top priority.

We look forward to serving you as we live up to our reputation for integrity, flexibility, responsiveness and resourcefulness!

Warm regards,

Mark Ward, Founder
Line Drive Trucking