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Consolidation & Cross-Dock

More and more, smart importers and exporters are running container shipments through a consolidation or cross dock solution. Why move a container slowly through the United States to a Distribution Center - somewhere far from where it entered the country to be received, inventory handled, and shipped to final destination?  

It's another successful supply chain strategy implemented by many. By using our Cross Dock service, Line Drive Trucking  receives the container right from the port area, moves it to our Distribution Center, receives and arranges the shipments to move right to the final destination. Your inventory can be delivered to your customer - possibly even before you would have received it at your own Distribution Center.

Another growing supply chain trend Line Drive Trucking is using is to transload import containers close to the port to mode shift it to be an over-the-road shipment. You can effectively move two over-the-road trailers for every three containers you receive. This allows you to move inventory faster, gain more control over it compared to rail shipping, and mix inventory from different containers to a delivery order to your customer.